The trouble with tribbles

    the trouble with tribbles

    Titel der Episode im Original: The Trouble with Tribbles. Erstausstrahlung der Episode in USA, Freitag, Dezember (NBC). Erstausstrahlung der Episode. Sie decken dabei mit Hilfe von Tribbles eine Verschwörung der Klingonen auf. Titel: The Trouble with Tribbles; Beschreibung: Remasterte Fassung; Sprache. 2x15 "The trouble with Tribbles". [Kennen Sie Tribbles?] Zu allem Unglück fressen die Tribbles auch noch gerne Weizen. F r alle, die mehr wissen m chten. Indes hat der Wirt schon mehrere Tribbles bei sich. Auch hier wird jene Aufnahme des Enterprise -Vorbeiflugs verwendet, bei der an der Steuerbord-Triebwerksgondel etwas fehlt. Kirk denkt jedoch gar nicht daran, mehr als 2 Mann für diese Aufgabe abzustellen. Von schlichten Aussage-Umkehrungen wie… Kirk: Cash point [ Ksi weller ]. Ross ist in zahlreichen Folgen als Lieutenant Galloway zu sehen. Immer die Beste Spielothek in Ober Mayrhof finden mit den Tribbles. Im gleichen Moment nähert sich ein Klingonenschiff der Raumstation. Spock DeForest Kelley Dr. Kirk lässt den Alarm beenden und er und Spock beamen auf die Station. Dieses weiche Tierchen ist ein Tribble , erklärt der Händler, und Uhura will ihn kaufen, während der Barkeeper nun doch plötzlich auch interessiert scheint und erst einen, dann zwei Föderationsdukaten pro Tribble bietet. Die Beweise dafür liefere Baris' Assistent Darvin, er habe Jones beobachtet und finde ihn höchst verdächtig. Meister der Sklaven als Andorianer Thrall wieder. Sie wurde gut umgesetzt. Der Barkeeper ist nicht interessiert, doch als Jones ein kleines pelziges Tier namens Tribble aus seiner Tasche zieht und Uhura von dem niedlichen Wesen sofort begeistert ist, kauft der Barkeeper Jones einige Tribbles ab. Nach der Schlägerei stellt Kirk Scott unter Kabinenarrest. Kirk Ich würde gerne wissen, was diese Tribble getötet hat. Der erste Krieg stellt er einen Patrouillenführer dar, in 2. Ein Highlight der 2. In der englischen Originalfassung der Episode sagt Spock , dass sich die Tribbles binnen drei Tagen auf eine Menge von nunmehr 1.

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    The trouble with tribbles Beinahe wünsche ich mir, sie hätten den Reset-Knopf gedrückt und die Disco zur Schlacht beim Doppelstern zurückgeschickt, um das Schlimmste zu verhindern. Die herzlosen Deutschen sehen in Tribbles einfach nur eine Umweltbelastung! Damit ist er jedoch der einzige Charakter, der einem in dieser Folge auf die Dauer ein klein wenig auf die Nerven geht. Die Folge unbedingt im Original geniessen. Nach der Schlägerei stellt Kirk Scott unter Kabinenarrest. Chekov will den Klingonen verprügeln, doch Scotty hält ihn zurück. Drehbuchautor David Gerrold schrieb auch schon Tropic Reels Slots | $/£/€400 Welcome Bonus | Casino.com Folge 2. Kirk nimmt Kontakt mit Mr.
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    McCoy takes one of the offspring to study it. Meanwhile, Kirk argues with Baris about the adequacy of the security Kirk is providing, until Kirk claims he is getting a headache.

    Going to sickbay for treatment, Kirk sees that McCoy's tribble has also produced a litter. Kirk tells crewmembers beaming over to shore leave on K-7 to avoid trouble with the Klingons.

    Montgomery Scott declines shore leave, but Kirk, concerned for him getting too wrapped up in his technical journals , orders him over to keep an eye on the others and to enjoy himself.

    At the bar aboard K-7, Jones tries to sell more tribbles. The Enterprise crew aren't interested, and the tribbles and the Klingons react to one another with loud hostility.

    The bartender is uninterested in more tribbles either — the one he acquired earlier is already multiplying. Korax starts insulting the Enterprise crew, first by comparing the Humans to Regulan bloodworms.

    He then tries to provoke Chekov by repeatedly insulting Kirk, but Scott restrains Chekov. Korax then turns his attention to Scott by insulting the Enterprise itself, first calling it a garbage scow , then just garbage, provoking Scott to punch Korax in the face and start a brawl between the two groups.

    The barman retreats and Jones dispenses himself some drinks in his absence. Security officers from the Enterprise arrest the brawlers and restore order, and shore leave for both ships is canceled.

    Kirk interrogates the crew involved in the brawl, but none are forthcoming about who started it. Kirk orders that they are all confined to quarters until he determines who started the brawl.

    After Kirk dismisses his officers, Scott confesses to Kirk in private that he started the fight after Korax insulted them, recalling some of the more colorful examples.

    Kirk presses further and is perplexed to find that Scott didn't start fighting until Korax insulted the Enterprise but realizes it was due to an engineer's sensitivities.

    Kirk restricts Scott to quarters, to which Scott happily complies, anticipating time off to catch up on his journals.

    In sickbay, Spock and McCoy have a characteristic debate on the aesthetics and utility of tribbles, Spock in particular, notes to McCoy their one redeeming characteristic — they do not talk too much.

    The question soon attracts Kirk's attention. There are tribbles all over the bridge, including one in his chair.

    McCoy reports this is because they are "born pregnant" and are swamping the ship with their rampant reproduction. Kirk orders Uhura to call for Jones to be detained on K-7 — and to " get these tribbles off the bridge.

    On K-7, Spock berates Jones for removing tribbles from their natural predators and letting them over-breed.

    Jones counters with excuses and insists that, at six credits each, they're making him money. Then Baris confronts Kirk on the insufficient security detail for the quadrotriticale.

    Baris claims Jones is " quite probably a Klingon agent ," but Kirk is unconvinced by the evidence and finds that Jones has done no worse than disrupt activities on K-7, which is not unprecedented.

    Baris ", Kirk pointedly concludes, and he and Spock return to the Enterprise. Back on board, the tribble problem has worsened. Kirk can't even get a meal, as tribbles have gotten into the food synthesizers.

    Scott reports that the tribbles are circulating through the Enterprise 's ventilation ducts , ending up in machinery all throughout the ship.

    Spock points out that there are comparable ducts aboard K-7 that lead to the grain storage tanks.

    Realizing the implication, Kirk orders all the tribbles removed from the Enterprise and rushes to K-7, gaining access to one of the storage compartments, but when he opens the overhead door, an avalanche of tribbles buries him.

    Kirk finally climbs out from the pile of tribbles — a population Spock estimates at 1,, — and Spock discovers that they are gorged on the grain.

    Baris claims Kirk's orders have turned the project into a disaster and that he will call for a Starfleet board of inquiry against Kirk.

    Scenes which were cut from the script included the Enterprise chasing after Jones in his vessel, [34] and resulted in the scene where Kirk has tribbles tumbling onto him while in the grain locker.

    Gerrold felt that this enforced editing process "tightened up the story and made for a better series of gags". Coon's participation in terms of suggestions and edits was such that Gerrold thought he should have been given a co-writing credit.

    The producers liked the resulting script so much that Gerrold was later tasked with re-writing the script for " I, Mudd ", [37] but did not take any credit on the final script as he did not want to take the credit from Stephen Kandel , the creator of Harry Mudd.

    He was surprised one morning when he was handed a copy of the tribbles script and told to sign it for Robert A. The Kellam de Forest script clearance and research firm [38] had cautioned that the tribbles in the episode resembled the Martian flat cats in Heinlein's novel The Rolling Stones , and suggested that the rights to the novel should be purchased.

    Gerrold became concerned that he had inadvertently plagiarized the novel which he had read fifteen years before. He had misgivings upon seeing the actual script but let it go, an action he later regretted: But the 'nice kid' did not drop it; 'tribbles' i.

    Christ phoned me on some matter of business, I would simply tell him: The fictional quadrotriticale's real-world antecedent, the grain triticale , was a fairly new invention at the time of the episode.

    The use of live animals to represent the tribbles was immediately ruled out. According to Gerrold's account, the inspiration for the form of the tribble instead came from a fluffy keyring owned by Holly Sherman.

    Filming began during the second week of August Dwyer sourced them from a local company, but the numbers required meant that they had to be pulled out of showrooms from all over the county.

    When it came to the fight scene in the episode, Dwyer warned director Joseph Pevney not to damage the chairs. He said that Shatner was the "consummate professional and I believe he was eager to show off his comic abilities".

    Pevney was pleased with the outcome of the shoot, calling the episode "a delightful show from beginning to end". Nichelle Nichols was particularly pleased as it allowed Uhura to be a woman and took her off the bridge.

    William Campbell had previously appeared in the first season episode " The Squire of Gothos " as Trelane. At various points Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry claimed it was his intention to bring back Koloth during the third season of The Original Series , as Kirk's recurring Klingon adversary, some internal production documents contradict this story.

    Although Koloth returned in Star Trek: The Animated Series , Campbell did not voice the role. Deep Space Nine , [58] [60] entitled " Blood Oath ".

    He described himself not as a fan, and had not read any science fiction since He thought that the role of Nilz Baris was just another guest spot, and the role of a "rather stuffy bureaucrat Whit Bissell , who played the station manager, Lurry, [1] was better known at the time in the main cast role of Lt.

    The New York Times described the scene with Kirk and the tribbles in the grain container as one of the "best-remembered moments" of the series.

    Zack Handlen's July review for The A. Club in July gave the episode a grade of A. He thought that despite the lack of a sense of real danger, the plot all comes together neatly and praised the story's effects on Kirk, saying "The way the episode unfolds means Kirk's constantly dealing with things he does not really want to deal with, and there's a surprising amount of enjoyment to be had in seeing him complain about it to Spock.

    Michele Erica Green, writing for TrekNation in March , said she thought that the episode would have dated, but found it was "as funny as ever.

    They described it as "easily the most celebrated episode of the entire original series if not the whole franchise ". The Blu ray release included the un-changed scenes as alternative angles.

    Disc five of each set contained only "The Trouble with Tribbles" from The Original Series but otherwise contained tribble related extras.

    Fontana from their time spent on the Star Trek convention circuit together. He had heard about Star Trek: The Animated Series , and offered to do an episode.

    Fontana responded that she wanted the tribble episode that was cut from season three. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek in , producers of both Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: As the 30th anniversary approached, Gerrold had heard rumors of a tribble-sequel in the works but had only heard denials from executive producer Rick Berman.

    On the home video release The Roddenberry Vault, in a commentary track for the episode Gerrold states of the episode: While the very first use of the word on American television is not known, the word was spoken at least five years earlier in "Never Name a Duck," the first episode of the second season of the Dick Van Dyke Show in September In , tribbles appeared in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode " The Breach ".

    In that episode, Doctor Phlox John Billingsley uses them as food for his medicinal pets in sickbay. Gerrold has been in discussions with the fan-created series Star Trek: New Voyages to bring back the tribbles for a further Original Series era episode.

    Tribbles have been parodied in a variety of other television shows and types of media. Futurama featured a parody in the second season entitled " The Problem with Popplers ", which included several Star Trek jokes.

    These include a reference to "Roddenberries" and features Zapp Brannigan , whom the Futurama staff have said is intended to be a parody of Captain Kirk.

    In the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic , the player's ship becomes infested with a frog-like species called Gizka, prompting the player to receive the quest "The Trouble with Gizka" in order to remove the pests.

    Gerrold published a book describing his experiences in the creation of "The Trouble with Tribbles". Entitled The Trouble with Tribbles: The book was well received by the former cast and crew of Star Trek and was used as a textbook for teaching screen-writing.

    A variety of tribble replicas have been made over the years, [] [47] with the most recent licensed product coming from QMx , released in The Commemorative Collection in Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

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    Nilz Baris William Campbell Cyrano Jones Whit Bissell Arne Darvin Paul Baxley Ensign Freeman David L. Guard as David Ross Guy Raymond Trader Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Klingon Brawler uncredited Bobby Bass

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    Am Nachbartisch sind andere Mannschaftsmitglieder inzwischen mit einer Menge Tribbles beschäftigt. Ich meine, wenn man schon eine Serie machen will, die direkt vor einer der bekanntesten und meistdiskutierten Serie spielt, warum muss man dann ALLES anders machen wollen? Ach ja, und dann war da noch der Schlussgag: Mal als Lieutenant Galloway mit. Jahrhundert, Teil II 6. Auch Baris ist entsetzt, denn auch wenn Spock anderer Meinung ist, glauben er und Koloth, dass dieser Zwischenfall dazu führen wird, dass der Sherman-Planet an die Klingonen fällt. Während er und Spock zum Transporterraum gehen, um auf die Station zu beamen , gibt er Chekov die Anweisung, trotzdem weiter in Gefechtsbereitschaft zu bleiben. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. The Original Series episode. Audible Download Audio Books. Hadley uncredited Dick Crockett Checkov we see is close to blowing bet365 android app fuse but Scotty tries to maintain order that is until the Klingon pushes a wrong button with Scotty. The Enterprise arrives at maximum warp, ready for a fight, only Beste Spielothek in Oberbildein finden find no battle. Edit Bonus bedingungen tipico casino Having received a Priority One distress call from an outlying space station, the Enterprise arrives to find they have been summoned there by casino betting Federation commissioner merely to protect a shipment of seeds meant to sow wheat on Online casino beste bewertung planet. Though appearing infrequently on-screen, they have become a popular feature of the Star Trek universe, featuring in their own eponymous official card gameand even lending their name to a family of proteins which are associated with the biology of the fruit fly. Archived from the original on February 22, Kirk presses further and is perplexed to find that Scott didn't start fighting until Korax insulted the Enterprise but realizes it was due to an engineer's sensitivities. He thought that the role of Nilz Baris was just another guest spot, and the role of a "rather stuffy bureaucrat

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    Spock findet anhand der Tribbles heraus, dass die meisten der Tiere gestorben sind und somit das Getreide vergiftet ist. Auch Scotty entspannt sich schon, zumindest auf die Art, was er darunter versteht. If you are at all a fan of the series, you will get more than your money's worth from this book. Captain Koloth, der Kommandant des Klingongenkreuzers versichert Kirk einen friedlichen Aufenthalt auf der Raumstation K-7, worauf er einwilligt. Sofort versichert Koloth in friedlicher Absicht da zu sein, sie wollten sich nur ein wenig auf der Station vergnügen, die spartanisch erzogene Mannschaft müsse auch mal "einen drauf machen". So kann man eine Marke natürlich auch kaputtmachen. Baris interessiert das aber garnicht, er macht Kirk für alles verantwortlich und droht damit, ihn vor Gericht zu bringen. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Chekov und Uhura Beste Spielothek in Stetternich finden dies für einen Einkaufsbummel. Auge des Universums noch einen weiteren Auftritt, als Varani. Titel Kennen Sie Tribbles? Dieses weiche Tierchen ist ein Tribbleerklärt der Händler, und Uhura will ihn kaufen, während der Barkeeper nun doch plötzlich auch interessiert scheint und erst einen, dann zwei Föderationsdukaten pro Tribble bietet. Jackpot city flash Baxley ist ein häufig online casino beste bewertung Beste Spielothek in Hintenburg finden in der Originalserie. Viel Spass noch mit den weiteren Folgen! Lurryder Stationsverwalter, und bittet um Entschuldigung für den Notruf. Ausgerechnet jetzt taucht ein klingonischer Schlachtkreuzer auf. Star Trek Fans, die hoffen, das die nächste Folge besser wird? Nach Spocks Berechnung wird er dafür 17,9 Jahr benötigen, aber nfl playoffs uhrzeit einer Strafe zu entgehen erklärt sich Jones dazu bereit und beginnt, die Tribbles aufzusammeln. Dann richtet der Klingone seine Angriffe auf die Enterprisedie bestenfalls zum Müllfahren geeignet sei. Nun dota 7.06 Baris und Darvin, Jones sei ein Agent. Paul Baxley ist ein häufig gesehener Gast in der Originalserie. Ich habe das nicht gesehen, aus Mangel an Gelegenheit, nur die Episodenbeschreibungen und Fankommentare gelesen.


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